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The 2nd Season of the Best Damn Poker Shown on FSN

On September 13th, 2008, ultimatebet.net announced that the second season of the Best Damn Poker Show will air on Fox Sports Network starting on October 27th, 2008. The filming of the ultimate reality poker television show is currently underway at the San Manuel Resort and Casino in California.

The season II of the Best Damn Poker Show aims to to finds out which one of the two best poker players in the world-Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke-can better teach beginners in the game of poker and turn them into champions. But the show is not really all about head-to-head match up and personality match ups between the two UltimateBet.net poker titans.

If history repeats itself, the real starts will be the eighteen poker players vying for the first place position. On August 15th, 2008, UltimateBet.net signed the first winner of the Best Damn Poker Show event, Tracy Scala, to their newly created Star Players Team. Participants in the Season II of the show are hoping for a similar fortune.

Much like the initial season of the Best Damn Poker Show, online poker players at UltimateBet.net competed for a slot on the show by making and submitting an audition video that showed why they deserved to be a part of the show. The Internet poker site also invited Texas Holdem enthusiasts to join the series of qualifying poker events that offer slots on the show.

A feature on the show was the live audition process that took place in Las Vegas at the this year's WSOP where producers had unlimited access to thousands of talented Texas Holdem players who were there for the biggest poker tournament in the world.


10/05/2008, Sunday