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The 5th Season of High Stakes Poker in GSN

On July 24th, 2008, High Stakes Poker, the television show that lets poker enthusiasts see what is the experience playing for a six figure cash pot, will return for its 5th season. Both GSN and Poker Production, its production organization, have confirmed that the contract for High Stakes Poker was renewed. Details about when and where High Stakes Poker will be filmed and when the new episode will be shown are still being ironed out.

The renewal of contract came weeks after the last contract with GSN and High Stakes expired. High Stakes Poker also lost its Monday night poker collaborator when GSN decided not to renew its partnership with the World Poker Tour.

Since then, the World Poker Tour has found a new home at Fox Sports Network. High Stakes Poker has been an important part of the GSN family since its beginning and the show has cultivated a cult like following with its viewers. The fans of the show even follow the forum of High Stakes Poker and YouTube videos of the show. It also features a mix of poker players who are keen on winning a lot of money. Gabe Kaplan is one of the hosts High Stakes Poker.


08/05/2008, Tuesday