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Absolute Poker Accepts Findings of Kahnawake Gaming Commission

On March 14th, 2008, Absolute Poker has accepted the consequences that have been handed to them in a statement release to the public that states that after thoroughly reviewing the report, they recognize the accuracy and the honesty of the KGC study and they accept without condition the findings of KGC and the punishment that are given to them.

They are also relieved that they can finally put all of these things behind them and start anew because it has really been a trying time for the organization, their staff and their patrons. This statement came after the release of the findings made by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission into the scandal that Absolute Poker was mired in.

The punishment imposed on Absolute Poker is that the company must pay a penalty of $500,000 within the span of sixty days. They must also pay for the expenses incurred by the investigation made by the Gaming Associates. The company is also required to pay a surety before the Kahnawake Gaming Commission for about two years against any future incident like this and Absolute Poker must also be willing to be audited at their own cost.

The KGC also put up precautionary measures like the permanent exclusion of the people included in the problem and an implementation of a program to prevent another problem like this from happening in the future.

Absolute Poker also said that they have already refunded all of their customers that have been affected by the problem and that they already have patched up the hole in their security system so that this will not happen again.


04/22/2008, Tuesday