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Annie Duke Loses to Joan Rivers in Celebrity Apprentice Final

On May 10th, 2009, Annie Duke was fired from Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night but at least her chosen non-profit organization will walked away as a big winner. Joan Rivers and poker pro Annie Duke went head-to-head for the final time on Sunday, tasked with organizing a VIP celebration and auction for their respective non-profit organizations. The leaders had to organize the charity event, ask for donations for the auction and get VIPs to attend the event. They also had to promote Kodak as the main sponsor of the tournament.

Like she accomplished all poker season, Annie Duke clearly outclassed Joan Rivers in the final assignment, raising $465,725 for her non-profit group, Refugees International. Rivers managed to earn $150,830 for God's Love We Deliver. All in all, Duke said to PokerListings that she raised more than $730,000 for Refugees International during Celebrity Apprentice this season. Duke said that she will take two things away from her stint on the show. One is the friendships she achieved in the show and the reminder how solid her friends in the poker circuit are.

Second is the amount of awareness and cash raised for her charity. But the fundraising aspect was not the only criteria for fulfilling the final challenge and winning the Celebrity Apprentice title. The final task was judge on 5 aspects, of which Annie Duke won just two. With Joan Rivers able to get a win on the final task, the only thing left was for Rivers and Duke to have their opportunity in the boardroom to defend themselves why they should be the final apprentice.

Duke was confident that she had done a good job throughout the Celebrity Apprentice. She had raised the most cash and won both of the tasks where she was the team leader before losing in the finals. Duke said that she was not surprised when Rivers won the title and she was fired but there were a lot of television viewers who were stunned about the results. Celebrity Apprentice may not been a good venture for Duke, but she's already looking for other opportunities.

She will be heading home to California to take a break before the start of the 2009 WSOP in Las Vegas at the end of the month. During the World Series of Poker, Duke plans to continue her charitable endeavors with the 3rd yearly Ante Up for Africa Celebrity Charity Poker event on July 2nd, 2009. Duke said that she hopes that she will be able to help Ante Up for Africa like what she accomplished with Refugees International.


06/04/2009, Thursday