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Bad Poker Starting Hands

Starting hands are very important in poker, especially in Texas Hold'em. It very much affects your game play. Just everybody wishes for a good poker starting hand, because the one with the good cards could bully the other players at the poker table early on the game, and could control how they would act. Almost all of poker players know which are the best hands to have, but how about the worst hands to start with? Here are some of them:

The 2-7 hand is regarded by many poker players to be the most awful hand to have as your pocket cards in Texas Hold'em Poker. This is because you cannot do much to improve this hand. If you pair one of these cards with the community cards at the poker table, it'll still be a very poor pair. Include anyone of these cards in a straight, you have the lower end of that straight, anyone at the poker table with an 8 would beat you to the pot. It is highly advisable that the moment you get this hand, fold it, unless of course you want to risk your chips and hope for two pairs, which can happen, but with slim chances. You do not want to start the round in a big disadvantage, do you?

One of the worst starting hands in Texas Hold'em poker is the hand that made Doyle Brunson a sensational poker expert; he had won twice playing this hand. This poker hand is the 2-10, which is very similar to the 2-7. Unless you have the guts and the poker experience like Texas Dolly, fold this hand right away. It cannot form a poker straight, and pairing a 2 with one of the community cards at the poker table, gives you a very low pair.

The 2-6 hand is not very far away from the 2-7, in terms of being a bad poker hand. The only difference is, it does make a pair, but what are your chances of getting the 3, 4, and 5 at the community cards? Although this hand is better than the 2-7, fold it still. The probable pairs that you can get are still small.

One of the hands in poker that people usually go for, but should not is the face card plus low card unsuited hand. Most poker players, especially the novice poker players, would play any hand with a face card in it, even if the accompanying card is a low one, and the two cards are not of the same suit. With this poker starting hand, you will need a lot of luck to get the face card to pair. So if you do not have that much luck, rely on your poker strategies if you really want to play this card. Be warned that if you do not get the face card pair, an ace could beat you easily.

Nick Byron - Editorial Team