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Blinkx Collaborates with the Poker Channel to Offer Poker Videos to Enthusiasts All Over the World

On April 29th, 2008, blinkx, the biggest video search engine in the world, recently announced their collaboration with the Poker Channel, the world's one and only television channel that is devoted to poker gaming and general entertainment. Hundreds of video clips from the European continent's biggest library of poker programming can now be easily access by poker enthusiasts on the website of blinkx.

Using its one-of-a kind platform, blinkx will also put advertisements in the footage that can produce profits for the site and the poker channel. The Poker Channel, which was launched in Britain in 2005, gives poker enthusiasts and average players one-of-a kind poker programming from all over the world that shows the culture and lifestyle of poker enthusiasts. The Poker Channel also offers different gaming entertainment, poker tournaments, videos and even documentaries about poker.

There are also footages from poker pros like Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer about the different poker tips that you can use in the game. Suranga Chandratillake, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of blinkx commented that the presence of poker on the Internet and television has grown dramatically over the past years with the Poker Channel as one of the main proponents of growth. They are very happy to collaborate with the poker channel to offer the best poker videos to their customers.

Chris White, the commercial director of Poker Channel Europe said that they are also happy to collaborate with such a reliable partner as blinkx because they can reach poker enthusiasts all over the world


05/19/2008, Monday