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One of the most powerful skills, or techniques, in poker is bluffing. If mastered, bluffing can be very powerful because you will be able to make your worst cards win, unlike your weaker opponents who wait longer for good cards.

Bluffing is the art of deceiving your opponents about the rank of your hand. To some, bluffing is a sin because it is telling a lie. But to others, like poker fans, bluffing is just a poker deception. In bluffing, you just make others assume what kind of hand you got. Therefore, it is their fault if they make the wrong assumptions.

In poker, you can bluff by doing the opposite of what you should do. For example, when you got a 4 and a 5, and nothing useful for you turns out in the community cards, you raise instead of folding. Even if the more logical thing to do is to fold your cards, when you want to bluff, then you should raise. You do this to scare your opponents. It would not be wise to just call at this point especially if you are not the last to act. Other poker players would see that you are scared, so they would raise against you.

In poker, when is the best time that one should bluff? It would be best to bluff when your opponents take a longer time than usual to act. This may mean that they do not really have a very strong hand, because they need a longer time to think. Imagine, if you got a big slick, which is an ace and a king in poker, wouldn't it be just natural for you to raise? You do not need a longer time raising your big slick, do you?

In return, you should not take a long time to act when you want to bluff in poker. Plan ahead. Think of your next move while other players are still in their turn. In this way, when your turn comes, and you want to bluff, you will just act as fast as you would have when you were not bluffing. That way, other players at the poker table would not suspect you of bluffing.

In poker, when you want to bluff, act naturally. Any sign of hesitation is bad for you in poker. It would be obvious to other poker players that you are just bluffing, which you would not want, would you?

Nick Byron - Editorial Team