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Daniel Negreanu Criticizes Action of Ontario Police

On June 7, 2007, Daniel Negreanu, one of Canada's most famous and well-known poker champions, said that it is unbelievable that private gatherings of profit for poker games, like the ones that are raided by the Police Department in Winnipeg, are prohibited.

33 year-old Daniel Negreanu from Toronto, who has made a total of $9 million by playing poker in different poker circuits all over the world and is an international star in the poker community, commented that the police officers should reconsider their actions.

He said that although the police officers in Winnipeg were only following the rules when they arrested the 63 people for illegally playing poker, those laws need to be modified.

Negreanu commented from Las Vegas, where he now lives, that the law needs to be changed because it is ridiculous. It seems that everything in Canada is "Government Property".

He further stated that he understands the concerns of the police officers about taxes, under the table money flowing into questionable hands, but he said that is one of the main reasons why the government should give private casino licenses.


06/18/2007, Monday