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Doyle Brunson to Join the Irish Poker Open

On March 25th, 2008, the world most respected and well-liked poker legend has decided to join the Irish Poker Open event. With a cash pool of 3 million euros, the total payout for this year's edition of the Irish Open Poker will be the richest in the European continent. The event can accept up to 1,000 participants. The Irish Poker Open will be televised all over the continent.

If any poker player can measure up to the other poker players around the world, it is Doyle Brunson. Brunson is hoping to triumph in the Irish Poker Open. With about five million dollars in total winning and millions won from cash games and ten World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, Brunson is sure to be a force to be reckon with.

With a total buy-in cost of 4,200 euros, the main event of the Irish Open Poker is not for the normal poker players. The big stakes event will attract some of the best players all over the world. The week-long tournament is hoping to attract a good crowd from all over the European continent, with good crowds for all of the poker events in the open. Brunson's draw will start on May 24th, 2008 at four pm. Additional information is available at the website of the Irish Poker Open.


04/04/2008, Friday