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Empire Online Terminates Co-operation with Partygaming and Stocks Plummet

The Legendary Noam Lanir confirmed pessimism regarding growth in the last quarter by announcing that although the number of subscribers went up 24% in the last quarter alone, profits are down. Empire Online, a public company dealing in online casino affiliations, was brought to the forefront of gambling news when it announced a merger with Partygaming, making it the biggest online casino company in the world.

The crisis between Empire and Partygaming was caused because Empire recently started purchasing a number of Playtech powered online casinos and Noble Poker, and began transferring customers from the PartyGaming platform to the Playtech platform in noble Poker. This followed an announcement that PartyGaming had improved its gaming platform and would now separate its own players from those entering from affiliates.

Analysts were concerned that these were the first signs of separation between the two, but official at both PartyGaming and Empire Online disagreed. Lanir supported PartyGaming's move, and said that it showed that they were indeed concerned with Empire's success.

Be that as it may, ultimately they were soon to part ways, as has been seen. This has caused some consternation in the online casinos industry, while there are some that would say that it is better this way, that no company that builds online casinos would build a monopoly that would crush all others. However, many online casinos, such as, feel that the larger and more famous online casinos are, then more people will play all the games that they know and love, and after all, that is never a bad thing.

Jeremy Woodward, Editor in chief, 11.10.05