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EPT Berlin Robbery Suspect Surrenders to German Police Officers

It has been almost two weeks since the daring robbery that took place in the European Poker Tour Berlin (EPT) and now, a man has admitted to participating in the heist and surrendered to police officers on March 17th, 2010.

So far, details about the case have been scarce, but with a suspect in police custody, a much clearer picture of the whole situation is being formed. While being interrogated, the 21 year-old German who surrendered himself to police officers admitted to his participation in the case and identified his three accomplices to the EPT Berlin robbery: Mustafa Ucarkus, a 20 year-old Turkish citizen, Ahmad el-Awayti, 20, of unidentified nationality and Jihad Chetwie a 19 year-old German citizen.

Photos of the three suspects have already been released. The three suspects have also committed previous criminal offenses. German police officers said that the Mercedes used by the suspects as a getaway vehicle has been found but the money they have robbed from EPT Berlin has yet to be recovered.

A prosecutor on the case, Frank Heller, said that the stolen money was immediately divided after the heist. The suspect in police custody has agreed to pay back his portion of the money, however, it is currently in the possession of a "third party".

Investigators were informed that the suspects surveyed the location of where the EPT Berlin is being held and once they have noticed that the guards were not armed, the suspects knew that they had a chance.

The robbery at the European Poker Tour Berlin saw approximately $332,000 stolen from the Hyatt Hotel and caused panic among the participants of the tournament.


04/18/2010, Sunday