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Fort Collins Poker Supply Store To Shut Down After Arrest Of Business Partner

December 04, 2007. The manager of Fort Collins Poker Supply Store has confirmed Monday that the poker business will cease operation after the arrest of his business partner Thursday.

Manager Josh Capadona also said that he was surprised of what happened with his poker business partner stressing that he had no knowledge of his partners' illegal gambling business.

Capadona's business partner who was arrested by the police last week was identified as Dustin Santino of Front Range Poker Supply.

Santino was suspected of operating a professional gambling business of Texas Hold'em poker games, a misdemeanor and possession of a previous offender's weapon.

Other than Santino, two other residents in Fort Collins identified as Michael Trujillo and Troy Vernon were also arrested of running the same kind of business with that of Santino.

These three men have been released on bond from the Colorado's Larimer County Detention Center.

The investigations are being done by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Larimer County Sheriff and the Colorado Division of Gaming.

According to the team, they also issued out summonses to sixteen persons for illegal gambling and to one woman for illegal possession of marijuana.

Josh Capadona also shared that he was also invited for investigation regarding the incident but he is not facing any charges from the investigating team.


12/10/2007, Monday