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Poker has become the most popular game in the casino, and with good cause. It is a game that is both fun and entertaining, and there is no limit to the fun that you can have with it. However, once you decide to play it, then you may find that you are spending a lot of money in betting at the casinos, when you do not actually know how to play the game. If only there was some place that you could learn how to play poker but not have to spend a lot of money doing it. But there is. You can download the software for free, and play all the poker games that you want, and then, when you have honed your skills enough, you can play all the poker games that you want for money.

This, indeed, is something that the land based casinos cannot offer you, since it would cost them money to allow a special table for the free games, but in the online casinos, this makes no difference. While you play all the free poker games, you are not taking anyone's place, there is no dress code, and you can play for as long as you want. When you do that, you can learn all the game plays and secrets of poker, read all the poker books and guides, and then you can go on to the real games and play poker for real money.