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Gary Chatterton to Stand Trial Over Illegal Poker Charges

September 5th, 2007, Sam Marsh's tie that features gaming motif playing cards, a wheel and the word casino, did not help him win a favorable decision during a court hearing. Sam Marsh's client, Gary Chatterton, a barber from Galena was on trial for a felony charge of commercial gaming.

The felony charge alleges that Chatterton managed a prohibited poker game on November 18th, 2006 in an establishment he owns in Galena. The building also houses Chatterton's business, Chatterton's Old Fashion Barber Shop.

The decision that he has to stand trial came at the end of his preliminary hearing. Scott Newton, a reserve police officer from Galena testified about the undercover operation by the Galena police regarding Chatterton's case.

He stated that on November 18th, 2006, he reported to the police station and was asked if he wanted to play in a poker game at the business of Chatterton, which was advertised on fliers that are given out in town. Newton added that his superiors handed him two $20 dollar bills and then he went to play.

Newton said that he met Chatterton at the business establishment, who then kindly explained the rules and regulations to Newton and seven other players that were present for the game. He then inquired about the gun that was advertised as the prize on the game on the flier.

Chatterton then told him that it is not an actual gun but the winner could use the prize money to buy a gun if they wanted to. Newton said that Chatterton told them about 80 percent of the buy-in cost are put in the prize pool but Chatterton did not confirm how much they kept.

Newton later said that there are signs inside the business that the house earns 50 cents on every hand that the players play. He said that he then handed Chatterton $20 dollars and Chatterton given him poker chips and some coins. He did not spend the remaining $20 dollars bill that he was given by his superiors to play at Chatterton's business.

Before he left, Chatterton had given him some fliers and requested if he did not mind distributing them around to let others know that he is holding poker tournaments in the building. Newton commented that he was not aware of the ongoing investigation until he arrived at the station.


09/19/2007, Wednesday