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Gov. Steve Beshear Files Case against Full Tilt Poker

Governor Steve Beshear of the state of Kentucky has launched an attack on the online gaming industry when he tried to confiscate 141 online gaming domain names last summer. Now, Gov. Beshear is looking to recover the funds lost by state residents in hopes of getting more revenue for the state.

A lawsuit has been filed against the parent organization that manages Full Tilt Poker. Gov. Beshear claims that under the existing Kentucky gaming law, any money that was lost in illegal gaming can be recovered.

Beshear's office referred to the law when speaking about the case. The difficult part for Beshear will be convincing a judge that online gaming is illegal. In Kentucky, gambling is allowed.

However, running a casino facility is illegal in the state. Online gambling is utilizing a virtual casino and may not fall under the illegal casino gaming laws in Kentucky. The Kentucky residents who have played at Full Tilt Poker and lost will not receive any of the recovered money if Gov. Beshear wins the case. Instead, the governor will claim the funds for the state.

Jennifer Brislin, the Representative from Governor Steve Beshear's office, said n April 13th, 2010 that as far as the money is concerned, any gaming losses that would be recovered would go to the commonwealth on behalf of the residents.

The lawsuit involving the domain names is still pending and has reached the state Supreme Court. If Kentucky was to win that case, the online domain names would become the property of the state and would be close down immediately.


04/29/2010, Thursday