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James and Brenes Help Raise Funds for Troops Overseas

As of July 8, 2007, many poker players have been called unpleasant things so it is nice for them to be called philanthropists for a change. Kenna James and Humberto Brenes spent the day giving lectures and raising public awareness on the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

James and Brenes also signed autographs and took photos during the debut of the Screaming Eagle Card Protector at the World Series of Poker Pavilion Center.

The Screaming Eagle Card Protector was developed to honor U.S. troops and is modeled after the soldiers who play for the Screaming Eagles Poker Association.

What started as a way to pass time on the front lines has now developed into a multinational poker tournament, covering all the branches of the armed forces, based in the U.S. and abroad.

What's even more astonishing is that there is no cash involved in the Screaming Eagles Poker Association. The members include servicemen and women who genuinely love the game of poker. Kenna was so impressed with the Screaming Eagles Poker Association that he decided to go to Iraq and host one of the tournaments of the Association in the future.

After a simple speech, in which he stated that a part of all the profits from the sale of the Screaming Eagles Card Protectors would be allocated for charity, Seth Weiniger of the Poker Faces Incorporated give James a $2,500 check for the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

Aside from the monetary donation, Weiniger also presented James a box of Screaming Eagle Card Protectors to present as prizes to the Screaming Eagles troops when he joins them for the Eagles' next tournament.

The Wounded Warriors Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Colonel John D. Folson from the United States Marine Corps. The organization provides support to the families of soldiers that have been wounded, injured or killed during combat.

All of the donations will be used to help with the financial and mental problems that the soldiers experience, as well as the families that they have left behind.


07/22/2007, Sunday