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Jet Set Poker

Poker was once the game of middle aged men who sat around the kitchen table for their weekly poker game. That was the time when poker was not a very popular game in the casinos. However, all that has changed over the past few years. Poker has become the hot games in the casinos and A-list Jet Set celebrities have started playing it as well. While many may not know this, it is still hard to ignore the poker phenomenon as it takes hold in the world. Poker is now more popular than ever, and it is growing.

The Jet Set that played poker today is not the one that played it the sixties. Today these seeming celebrities take their game very seriously. Indeed, poker [players are beginning to be recognized in the streets and other places, just because they have been on Celebrity Poker or other television shows. This indeed is the poker Renaissance.

Once you begin to play poker, you cannot stop, and this is what makes poker great. However, it is a game that is built both on skill and chance, and it will be seen whether these celebrities can carry the poker phenomenon to its limit.

Written by James Segal 4.7.05