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Jim Moir's Website Helps Poker Enthusiasts Find the Best Poker Books

As of April 14, 2007, avid poker enthusiasts won't be able to look at the bookshop's hobby area without seeing the How to Win at Poker books. This successful trend has been imitated in the online poker industry with famous players writing about their secrets of how to be successful at online poker.

There are many poker "e-books" on the Internet that deal with Poker and it can be quite a hassle finding the ones that are not only right for you, but are worth acquiring.

There are several good books out there and some of the important information that you as a poker player can get from these poker guide books is very popular, but there are also some books that just offer some basic information and do not help you very much.

Poker Books Help Site owner, Jim Moir, brought about 30 of these poker books at different times during the span of his poker career and has decided to make a site to help players choose the books that are worth acquiring.

Moir claims to have spent about $600 on 30 poker books, out of which only 4 were actually useful and he has easily gotten back all of the money spent on the not so good ones.

As a result of his experience, he has decided to create a help site to help people find the best poker books and save them the trouble of spending money on the not so good ones.


06/14/2007, Thursday