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Juan Riedlinger Directs "Shark Out of Water" Poker Film

The writer and director of the film "Shark Out of Water" believes that his masterpiece may be one of the most honest ever made about poker.

Director Juan Riedlinger said on November 28th, 2009 that the film offers a glimpse into the daily lives of two young men struggling to come to terms with their addiction to poker. Riedlinger said that it explores both faces of the game that is usually misrepresented in the film-the good and bad side of the game.

Riedlinger said that he felt that the demand for a good poker story was very high compared to what is out there so he wanted to take advantage of the demand while he can. Along with its dark feel-thanks in part to the film being shot with a top class RED digital camera-"Shark Out of Water" features cameos from "Yukon" Brad Booth and 11-time WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth.

Riedlinger said that convincing a recognizable poker figure such as Phil Hellmuth to appear in the film was simple. He said that he called Hellmuth up and told him about the film and after reading the script, Hellmuth said that he was interested in joining the film so they have scheduled their entire shoot around Hellmuth.

The film received good reviews after being screened at film festivals around North America and Riedlinger believes that part of the film's appeal comes from its ability to showcase some of the subtle characteristics of the game of poker while remaining highly entertaining.

Riedlinger said that he is sick of seeing straight flushes defeating four-of-a kind hand in poker films. It is an unrealistic scenario and has no place in a film that wants to be viewed seriously.


12/07/2009, Monday