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Kristy Arnett Joins the PokerNews Team

PokerNews announced on February 12th, 2010 that Kristy Arnett will join Lynn Gilmartin and Gloria Balding in Team PokerNews as a video hostess, travelling the tournament circuit and bringing interviews with different poker players. Kristy got her start in the poker circuit at CardPlayer where she has worked for the past three years.

PokerNews Editor in Chief Matthew Parvis said that he is very happy to have Kristy Arnett joining the PokerNews team. Aside from hosting their North American Poker Tour coverage, Kristy Arnett will also be working with the team to expand their media reach outside of live poker tournament coverage.

Parvis said that he personally have always respected the work ethic that Arnett has done with CardPlayer and is looking forward to what she is bringing to the team. A resident of Michigan, Kristy Arnett discovered her passion for the game of poker while on a soccer scholarship at Indiana Purdue of Fort Wayne where she majored in journalism and communication.

She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2007 after her last soccer season and started working as an intern at CardPlayer. Her first on-camera debut was at the 2007 World Series of Poker. She started working full-time for CardPlayer as a writer and on-camera hostess after the World Series of Poker that year.

Arnett said that through the past three years, she has gotten the opportunity to interview and write about the best poker players in the circuit and about the game that she loves. She said that she feels very lucky to have gotten the chance to start her career in poker at CardPlayer and to able to continue her career at PokerNews.

She added that she is looking forward to working with Glorida Balding and Lynn Gilmartin and believes that they are going to make a fantastic team to provide the best video poker reporting in the poker industry.


02/17/2010, Wednesday