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Matthew Hilger and Ian Taylor Come Together for Poker Book Collaboration

On March 24, 2007, well-known poker pro and author, Matthew Hilger has collaborated with his friend and fellow poker expert Ian Taylor to write a book entitled: "The Poker Mindset: The Essential Attitudes for Poker Success." The book deals with all of the mental aspects in the game that every beginner and poker pro needs. The book will be released in leading bookstores in March 2007.

For Matthew Hilger, the Poker Mindset book will be the third poker book that he has co-authored with his friend since 2003. Hilger, a resident of Suwannee, Ga., has already written two poker books - Internet Texas Hold'em Poker Book back in 2003 and the Texas Hold'em Poker Book: Odds and Probabilities back in June 2006. Hilger also works as a columnist for poker related articles.

In addition, he has been a regular at the World Series of Poker for a couple of years now, which is held in Las Vegas. He is recognized as a well respected player in the poker industry and a good poker author. On the other hand, Ian Taylor is a native of Britain and is a veteran in the game of poker.

Taylor has been a very good friend of Hilger's since the creation of the ITH back in 2003. His columns appeared every month in leading magazines and newspapers dealing with the different aspects of poker, like game strategy and how to analyze your rivals in the game.


06/17/2007, Sunday