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MTV To Feature Online Poker Players

On November 22nd, 2007, a poster called TrueLife posed an announcement on 2+2 that MTV is currently looking for individuals that lead a different life online. While most members are skeptical about the whole thing, it was confirmed that the announcement was legitimate and not a fraud.

Ben Rosen or TrueLife, said that they are currently looking for different online organizations and cultures and they thought that it would be really interesting to study someone who plays online poker on online casinos. Rosen and his organization, LeftRight.tv makes True Life for MTV.

He has posted his announcement in several online gaming forums, especially those devoted on online poker gamers. He said that the main factor that they are looking for is that their subjects lead a very interesting and one-of-a kind life when it comes to their gaming activities.

True Life is considered to be a documentary show on MTV that tells the true to life stories of people and the unusual things that they do. The initial episode of the show started in 1998 and the show has featured different kinds of people like people with Tourette's syndrome, activists for gay marriage, people that educate on how to deal with pregnancy, debt and others.

According to the official online site of MTV, True Life tells a story from different points of view of the people involved, putting it in a good position to show the current state of youth culture at any moment. Rosen said that he anticipate some skepticism from people about the concept. He added that the True Life show is really different from the typical shows on MTV because it is more a documentary than a reality TV.

The show is always told in the point of view of the people that they choose. The series has won different journalism awards. It was nominated in 2000 and 2003 for a GLAAD Media Award. It won a GLAAD Media Award in 2005 for the Outstanding Documentary category for their "I'm Gay and I'm Getting Married" episode.

In 2000, the True Life series won an Image Award in the Outstanding News, Talk or Information Special category for the "I Am Driving While Black" episode of the show. The show also received a Prism Award for a TV Teen Series Episode or Special. The gambling episode will have the title "I Live Another Life on the Web". People that are age between 16 and 28 years old and who are interested to be part of the episode can email their name, location, story, telephone number and photo to MTV.


12/04/2007, Tuesday