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Empire stocks
10/17/2005, Monday

The Legendary Noam Lanir confirmed pessimism regarding growth in the last quarter by announcing that although the number of subscribers went up 24% in the last quarter alone, profits are down. Empire Online, a public company dealing in online casino affiliations, was brought to the forefront of gamb ...

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World class poker software
09/22/2005, Thursday

Over the past few years poker has made a great come back into the gaming and gambling world. However, there are a few problems with this. Poker is a game of wits, and it would be expected that the software industry would keep pace and offer beginners and advanced players of poker a program that woul ...

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Younger poker players
08/18/2005, Thursday

When you used to go into a casino or poker club, then what you saw was a line of old, tired, yet wise faces. That was when poker playing was yet in its infancy. However, over the past few years, fresh blood has started entering the casinos, and has been playing with the best of them. Today, you can ...

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Card stud poker
08/17/2005, Wednesday

The Idea behind Stud Poker Games is that some of your cards will be dealt facing down, while you are the only one who is allowed to see them, and the rest of the cards will be faced up on the poker table. The two most common Stud poker variations are the Seven Card Stud and the Five Card Stud.

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Poker tournaments cleanup image
08/09/2005, Tuesday

As poker moves from the back rooms of dusty clubs to the forefront of national television, so do the questions that such a movement raises get more numerous. Once, when Poker was a "man's" game, all was permissible, from drinking to cursing and uttering blasphemies. However, as poker enters the main ...

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