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Poker! Who dosen't play poker? the game that can give us hours of satisfaction, the game of the elite and the game of the people. Poker weather it's a game with friends, or enemies still is the most popular game in casinos, or at home! You can play poker online, or you can play poker with friends at home, but the first, last, and most important rule is You want to win! Of course one might say "It's all about luck" but is it? as we'll find out the playing of poker is more than luck, it's poker!

let's try and start from the begining, if we want to get a chance on easily wining poker, weather to make easy money on the internet or to impress your friends, first we'll have to get to know the topic, and today's topic is Poker.

Many theories had rose and fall over this subject, people tend to have diffrences of opinions when it comes to the origin of poker. The Primary reason is because there seems to be no clear evidence of a predecessor of the game. Furtheremore, it is more likely that the ingredients of poker derived from many diffrent historical card games. There is how ever an agreement amongst the diffrent theories, which is it's basic priciple; it's birth, is a very old one.

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