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Ontario Studies the Possibility of Online Poker Gaming

Similar to what is happening in the gaming industry in the United States; the provinces in Canada are following the ongoing trend in the worldwide online gambling industry. The latest development came on February 24th, 2010 when Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty suggested legalizing online gambling.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Chairman Paul Godfrey said that what is going on in Quebec, Atlantic and British Columbia provinces is something he would like to explore. He said that gambling money is going out of this province to other provinces and offshore sites. McGuinty was not as 100% committed to online gambling but he did make it clear that it is a very important issue that should not be ignored.

The game of online poker would be the target gaming market for Ontario if they were to approve online gambling. McGuinty said that he would like to thoroughly discuss the issue of online gambling with the minister. McGuinty has not always been a type of person to agree with this type of gambling expansion. However, he believes that the issue needs the intervention of the government since million of dollars was being wagered by Ontario residents online without any oversight.

The additional revenue that could be created for the province is the main force behind the online gambling movement happening in Canada. It is expected that $50 million in online gambling revenue will be produced in Quebec by 2012.


03/18/2010, Thursday