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Planning Board Approves Poker in New Hampshire

On September 23rd, 2007, a proposed change of use plan that will transform a former grocery shop into a charity gambling operation establishment received the go signal from the Milford Planning Board.

The proposal is made by the New Hampshire Charitable Gambling and would make "the River", a poker establishment that offers Texas Holdem poker and other variations of poker games and tournaments. The rules and regulations in the state is that 35 percent of the profits of such establishment must be given to a charity.

Those people and groups that support "The River" said that poker operations could reel in $350,000 for charities annually. Charity events have been allowed for a long time in New Hampshire but only for small scale events like the Monte Carlo nights.

A recent modification of the law allowed charitable organizations to hire professional groups to manage the events for them. It means that the New Hampshire Charitable Gaming is in dire need of a permanent establishment and charitable organization that wants to hire them.

Each non-profit organization is allowed 10 gaming events annually so the gaming organization will have to find numerous charities to raise money for the whole year so that they can run gambling events every day.

The charitable gaming industry is regulated with different state rules that dictate how many hours of operation and how the profits should be handled. The biggest maximum wager that is allowed is $2 and the entry cost into the tournaments ranges from $20 to $250.

State regulations allow the establishment to open from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. except for Sunday when it cannot open until noon. The state rules allow other casino table games but poker will be the main attraction.

The casino proposal states that "The River" will feature 25 poker table games with space for ten players. The facility is also planning to serve food and beverages to their customers.

The board said that if the casino wants to add more games, they should pass a proposal to the planning board. For the meantime, the facility is only allowed to offer poker and host gaming tournaments.


10/02/2007, Tuesday