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Players and WPTE Settle Player Release Lawsuit

On April 19th, 2008, the World Poker Tour Enterprises Incorporated, the operators of the WPT, announced that the case filed against the company by several poker stars has already been settled out of court. It was originally filed by seven poker stars who have announced their intention in a press conference at the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 2006 World Series of Poker event.

The resolution of the lawsuit includes changing some of the parts of the player release of the World Poker Tour, with no money involved in the game. The five remaining players in the case, which are Chris Ferguson, Andrew Bloch, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon and Howard Lederer, are listed as being part of the final resolution in the case.

Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem were originally involved in the issue but dropped out of the case before the final resolution of the case. The lawsuit states that the terms that can be found on the World Poker Tour Enterprises player release alleged that it would force player to violate their endorsement contracts and as a result, players will be force to withdraw from some WPT events.

The World Poker Tour Enterprises said that they want to put this issue behind them and focus on the growth of the tour but they still deny that they have done something wrong with their player release.

Chris Ferguson, one of the players that have filed the lawsuit commented that they are happy to have made a settlement that is favorable to both parties and they are also relieved that all of the players that wish to participate in WPT events can now do so without any fear that they will violate something in their contract.


05/05/2008, Monday