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The Poker Action at the High Stakes Poker

In the largest cash pot of the High Stakes Poker on April 11th, 2010, poker pro David Benyamine placed the best card hand and received the worst card hand to call him with a $101,200 check-raised on a 9(clubs) 8(spades) 3(spades) Q(spades) A(hearts) board. He had 7(spades) 5(spades) for a small flush, while Daniel Negreanu chose to fold the better flush with 10(spades) 9(spades).

Doyle Brunson could not let go of his queens, paying off Benyamine in the end. Negreanu started the game when he opened with a raise of $3,000 on the pre-flop. Brunson decided to slow things with his queens and just calling, while Benyamine chose to go with the flow as well.

After Benyamine checked a flop of 9(clubs) 8(spades) 3(spades), Negreanu, wagered out $8,500 with a flush draw and a top pair. Benyamine and Brunson both decided to call. A-Q(spades) rewarded Brunson with a set and the two other players flushes, but everyone decided to slow down things and checked.

An A(hearts) river did not change things and Benyamine decided not to wager another time with his flush, tapping the felt. Negreanu wagered $26,200 with the best card hand and the Brunson made the call. That is when Benyamine confused everyone on the felt. The French poker pro re-raised to $101,200 and Negreanu observed the situation for quite a while before grudgingly giving up his card hand.

Brunson also made a bad move. When Benyamine flipped over his card hand, viewers of High Stakes Poker saw a rare glimpse of a very frustrated and irritated Negreanu. The troubled poker pro's problems did not go away after that small loss of composure.

After calling flop and turn wagers from a bluffing Eli Elezra, he lost a $118,600 cash pot after he got 3-outered on the river. Negreanu was not the only player who had a tough time in the High Stakes Poker episode. Brunson place his cash-game winning streak in trouble after his bad call against Benyamine and after he decided to chase a few draws that never happened. But Brunson kept his composure, teasing Phil Ivey at one point for his Full Tilt commercial.

Fittingly, it was the next commercial aired by GSN during the break. Poker pros Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier and Mike Matusow both made their initial appearance in this week's episode, although they played near the vest. Matusow did not play a single televise card hand while Grospellier only played a single hand, making a difficult but correct fold after Phil Ivey decided to flopped the top set.


05/02/2010, Sunday