Online poker articles 2

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You have probably spent hours and hours reading all sorts of poker articles and strategy guides but still the same main problem. you are not winning the money you expected to make like others claimed you would in a short period of time. Online poker is so profitable for players and organizations, that in the last couple of years there has been a rise on the number of frauds and missleading information regarding poker on the internet.

Although the internet is a good tool for learning about the game of poker, too many people claim unrealisic and bogus things. I've gotten Emails of people saying they won tens of thousands of dollars in their first playing month, Promotional information about poker calculators and utils that guarantee to make me win money playing in poker tournaments, and so many other claims and guarantees.

I myself have been trying to make money playing in online poker rooms and tournaments for more than a year and didnt succeed doing so. you have got to understand that while poker is VERY profitable, it is the same as a working job. you need to work your way to the top! Currently, I quitted my daily job, and now concentrating only on playing the game I love best, while earning a living from it.

Poker is all about learning and practice. You should read all the information you can find about the different poker variations, game odds, strategies, guides, and all you can get. think of it as a brain game. if others know the game better than you, and have better experience, how do you actually expect to win? you CANT!

But if theres something I can tell you for sure, is the fact that playing poker on the internet and making money is easier than you even think. most likely, you never actually given it the chance it deserves.

And I can tell you another thing, if your purpose is making money while playing poker on the internet, you should know that all of those thousands of new players that are entering the poker rooms daily, dont know how to play poker! beating them is like taking a candy from a babys hand. it is too tempting when it comes to money, and too easy aswell.

I strongly advise you to take your time and read our articles and guides in order to learn about the different variations, their rules, strategies and so on. also download our poker room software. It will let you play poker for free while you learn, something I wish i would have known when starting out.

Mark McClintock, Guest Writer. 03/11/2005