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Online Poker games are gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds. Once thought to be a game for middle aged men playing their weekly poker games, today poker is widely known, since there have been many television programs about it and poker tournaments are now a regular feature on many television networks. In addition, many celebrities have announced that they regularly play poker games in their home.

Why poker is so popular is due to several reasons. Firstly, poker games are fun, social event where people may eat and drink and smoke and talk with their friends. Poker is not a silent game with many rules of conduct and etiquette. It is a game that people like to play since they feel free to act freely. In addition, people like poker games since they feel that they have more control over the outcome of the games, since it is primarily a game of skill. Many people do like games that are primarily chance games, since they seem to get bored with the quickly. Finally poker games are popular because however much they are games of skill, there is still the excitement of pitting your wits against your rivals, and maybe, just maybe winning the big jackpot.