Poker Introduction


Introduction to Poker

This article covers the basics of the poker game. Poker is a well known game all around the world. Enjoyed by people who preffer playing it on land based casinos and in the online casinos aswell.

Poker has many game variations, those are explained in our articles section. In some poker variations you are able to play against other competitors. that is also one of the biggest advantages in online poker rooms. some pokerrooms have tens of thousands of players at each given moment, gambling for real money. In other variations, you are able to play against the house and not against other poker players.

Poker is without a doubt a game of skills. it is very unlikely for new poker players to join an online poker room or a poker table and gamble for money, since the winning odds will be very low. Like other card games, you should always research before playing for real money. studying and researching the poker rules and strategies is a must for every poker player wannabe.

Luckily, All the leading online casinos today offer the player an option to play poker for free while they learn the game rules untill they feel they are in a level of which they can enter the poker rooms and play against others. and Thats where the real thrill is!

Poker is played (usually) with a standard deck which includes 52 cards (no Joker) with all four suits. Diamons, Hearts, Spades and Clubs. The number of rounds and card draws can be different and depends on the game variation which you choose to play. Usually the round will start after each of the players that sits on the poker table place their bets.

The first bet is a somehow "blind bet". since the players place their bets without knowing which cards they received. During the betting rounds, the players can choose from several different actions.

Check - The player can choose to pass his turn to the other player without raising the bets. of course, that is if no one else had already raise a bet before him.

Call - If there has been a bet on the table, the player can choose to match that bet in order to continue playing.

Bet or Raise - If there arent any bets placed on the table, the player can choose to either place a new bet. or to raise a bet, if one was issued before his turn.

Fold - The player will choose to fold his cards in a case when he doesnt match the bet that was placed on the table. the player will then return his cards and will step out of the round.

The most interesting innovation in todays poker games in my opinion are the poker tournaments. Those tournaments offer the player a chance to win a large amount of money, while entering with only a small entry fee. To enter those tournaments usually all that is needed is to pay the initial entry fee and the prizes are shared to the winner(s), according to the rules of the specific tournament.

Usually, the tournament will continue untill the last players remains. He will either take the entire pot, or devide it with the others that finished last. according to the tournament rules.

The two most known poker tournaments are the World poker tour event and the World series of poker, which are being held at Las Vagas. Although as said, todays advanced online casinos gives you also the option to play those tournaments online. see for example.

The advantages of playing in online poker rooms is the fact that you dont need to go over to Las Vegas to participate in a specific tournament. Also there is the case that there are alot of online poker players which are un familiar with the poker rules. People who are anxious to make easy money that thinks that poker will be the the game that will get them rich quickly. Another reason why you should learn how to play the game untill perfection.

The poker game has a large amount of variations. Most played poker variations includes Texas holdem poker, Ohama Poker, Pai Gow, 5 Card Draw, 7 card stud and others. I will not go into the game variations in this article, since they will be explained in a section of their own.

I hope this Introduction for poker has given you some basic ideas on the game, I advise you to study the game untill a level of perfection. Read the game rules, the poker articles and guides, think outside of the box. Poker is not a hard game to learn, I believe everyone can get to a high level if they just want to. Dont forget to check our other sections inside Best wishes from our Editorial team!