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Poker Player Harry Knopp Disapproves of Casino Games in West Virginia

A male resident from Parkersburg who has made a good run on nationally broadcast poker event commented that allowing casino table games in West Virginia should not be allowed.

On August 10th, 2007, 66 year-old Harry Knopp views himself as a responsible gamer who has learned the perils of the game himself. He is wary that the residents in West Virginia will be addicted to casino games like blackjack, craps, poker and roulette that will be offered at racing tracks.

Harry Knopp, who polished his talent in the United States Navy when he was just 19 years-old, won $155,202 dollars after he finished in third place in the 2004 World Poker Challenge in Reno, Nevada. The tournament, which is under the World Poker Tour, was shown on the Travel Channel.

Knopp won $2,400 dollars at a poker event in Seneca, Mississippi just six months ago and also won $22,000 dollars in a poker game in Las Vegas. Despite his devotion to the game, Knopp said he would vote against the casino table games if he lived in Kanawha County, which has just recently finished its casino table games referendum.

When he was just starting to play the game, Knopp admitted that he even lost a week's paycheck playing poker. He had to borrow money to get through until the next week. He said that it got him in trouble with his wife a lot of times.

Knopp said that he sees a lot of people make the same mistakes that he has made when playing any casino games besides poker. After retiring from the U.S. Navy almost 20 years ago, Knopp worked as a contractor in Parkersburg.

He also started playing poker more often when he was still in the navy. But although he is against the casino table games in West Virginia, he will still play in the racing tracks when the table games are offered.


09/11/2007, Tuesday