Poker Stars


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Poker Stars

As the popularity of Poker grows, the players themselves also rise in fame. Once known only to the others in their chosen profession, these remarkable people who have made games of chance their livelihood are being recognized by people in the street and other home viewers. This is in direct contrast to the past, where poker players usually played in dark basements or bars.

As has been said, professional poker players have become household names around the country, but there is something that gives proof of their fame and fortune. Every one knows that the real money in sports is in endorsements. Up until now, these poker stars have not been the main candidates for the biog companies for large contracts, but this new phenomenon is sure to attract many more people to the poker tables. With all the excitement around poker that has manifested itself over the past few years, there are sure to many more poker stars blossoming.

It may be interesting to remember that only a few years ago poker players were usually put in the same category as drug dealers and prostitutes, and were treated as second rate people. However, with the advent of the new television poker tournaments, they have become A-list celebrities. Brought to you by the Editorial Team