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As poker moves from the back rooms of dusty clubs to the forefront of national television, so do the questions that such a movement raises get more numerous. Once, when Poker was a "man's" game, all was permissible, from drinking to cursing and uttering blasphemies. However, as poker enters the mainstream, so do the expectations of the home viewer. Strong penalties have been placed on player who have said the f-word, whether to other player or as an ejaculation.

The policy is enforced by the dealers, who have been warned that failing to do so would have grave consequences and they would be sanctioned. Of course, this is all applicable to the television shows, not the casinos themselves, where the rule is "Anything goes." In the land based casinos, you probably won't be punished for using a moderate degree of curse words. However, when you play poker in the online casinos, where the chats are moderated, you may be punished or even banned from the poker game for being too rude.

So the next time you enter a poker tournament, be sure to watch you language. It would be unfortunate if you were to lose the game just because you flew off the handle and said something that is frowned on in polite company.

Written by John G. Martin 04.08.05