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Poker Tournament: Face the Challenge

It is a challenging experience when one thinks of playing in a live poker tournament. Somehow it is quite monotonous to play only online poker. But playing online does help sharpen the poker player in you. The big difference between the two is that with online tournaments, a player feels much more at ease and confident since he cannot see his opponents; whereas with live poker tournaments, the anticipation alone can weaken one's knees because of the live audience and opponents. But there's no need to mope on the situation, because if anyone has the guts and the skill, why waste it?

Here are some tips for those who wanted to join a major poker tournament. The first thing to do in order to prepare for a tournament is to face one's fears and pressure issues. Going for a live tournament is more than just playing the game. If you are the type who does not enjoy a live audience, might as well decide early on in order to save time and money.

Another tip is to wear comfortable attire. Remember, it is not a fashion show you are going to, it is a tournament that needs concentration; and clothing has to do with comfort in order for you to concentrate on your game. Wear something comfortable but presentable.

Do not drink any alcoholic or sugared beverages because it could affect one's concentration. Water is the best thirst quencher, but try to drink it at a minimal. As much as possible just take sips in order to avoid going to the lavatory during the game.

In most poker tournaments, players are allowed to pick their preferred seats, so take the advantage of doing so. Sometimes it is also best to sit opposite the dealer in order to see the other players or opponents. And when seated, try to relax and minimize your movements. This could distract you further as well as the opponents.

When a break is announced, try to maximize it by going to the toilet to do your thing or drink some water if you have to. Avoid chatting with other players because sometimes you'll never know, some of them might be getting tips from you. Be observant of how other players are doing. Most players on the losing end will only play if they have strong hands and those with large funds are the risk-takers.

One last important tip is to learn the rules of the poker tournament you chose to enter. This could save you lots of hassles, not to mention money.

Poker tournaments are a real challenge. But for those who are willing to risk their fears of facing large crowds and opponents, it is worth trying. Just always remember that great strategies work and being one's self and having the confidence to try the impossible is worth it.

Nick Byron - Editorial Team