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PokerPro Tables Innovation by Lyle Berman

On November 28th, 2007, over the last few years, poker games have become really popular. The World Series of Poker or the WSOP being shown on ESPN and other pop culture memorabilia becoming more accessible have helped the growth of the poker industry. As awesome as this may sound, it is still troublesome for casinos. Players want to play the game and win against their other opponents it brings a minimum amount of cash to the casino. This situation could soon change.

In North Carolina, there is a company just starting up that will offer electronic poker tables that will be named PokerPro. Live casino dealers will not be needed and the poker tables will be available in the casinos in the Las Vegas strip. The gaming tables were first featured in 2005.

Lyle Berman, a casino executive and poker professional, made the tables but has had a difficult time convincing casino facilities in Nevada. The reason for this refusal is that casinos in Las Vegas are currently having difficulties. Casino dealers are gathering under the Transport Workers Union.

The Wynn Las Vegas has a tip sharing regulation and other dealers want that kind of rule. It is generally believed that casino officials are worried that if they offer tables that do not need live casino dealer, their dealers will go on strike. It might be a couple of years before casinos in Nevada offer the tables but eventually it will be in demand.

People are interested in playing without any problems. The PokerPro table will serve that function with no problem at all. The only difference from the normal poker table is that there will not be any need for a direct interaction with the dealer.

The table can give out forty hands in one hour compared with twenty-five to thirty hands in one hour by a live dealer. The table can also increase the casino's profits by sixty percent. There are also side wagers that are available that can give casino better profits.


12/09/2007, Sunday