Poker Evolution


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The Evolution of Poker

Since the birth of poker, it has multiplied, changed forms, evolved, and has spread across the globe like a transmittable virus. It has been crowned the most popular played card game in world. There are many forms of Poker that is played and the popularity between each form has also changed.

The first crown was worn by the game 5 card draw or stud. This game rose from relative obscurity during the time of the American Civil War to dominate the Poker scene for almost a century. Next in the Evolution of poker was the game 7 card stud. This game took over the throne prior to the Second World War and wore the crown for approximately forty years. 7 card stud’s popularity was, however, aided by the booming Nevada gaming industry during the 50’s and 60’s. Presently, Texas Hold’em Poker is the Royal Flush of all Poker games and has been ever since the 1970’s!