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PPA Surpass 1 Million Membership Mark

On April 22nd, 2008, one of the most successful pro poker organizations in America, the Poker Players Alliance from Washington, D.C., announced that they have already surpassed their 1,000,000 membership mark. The announcement was accompanied with the drafting of a brand new political action committee and a voter registration effort as part of the organization's "If you Play, Have A Say" campaign effort.

PPA's main goal is to legalize playing poker on the Internet, by either passing a brand new regulation or to make an exception for the current rule. It has strong support from Capitol Hill politicians like Congressmen Barney Frank and Robert Wexler.

PPA has also invested heavily on placing funds for lobbying. Former Senator and PPA chairman Alphonse D'Amato commented that this is a significant landmark for their organization. The World Series of Poker in July 2008 will be a good venue for the alliance to sign-up more members and present their agenda to interested people in the event.

In a previous initiative this month, the members of the group sent around 15,000 emails to the Representatives that are a part of the Financial Services Committee after a meeting regarding the bad effect of the UIGEA to the game of poker and even to the financial organizations that need to monitor gaming transactions. PPA executive director John Pappas commented that they experienced a growth within their ranks after the UIGEA was approved by the Congress in October 13th, 2006.


05/06/2008, Tuesday