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The Remaining Poker Players at the 2010 WPT Championship

It was a great day at the 2010 World Poker Tour (WPT) Championship on April 21st, 2010. A total of thirty-five players started the day with hopes of getting through the cash bubble untouched, but only eighteen of the players would fulfill that goal. The participants were still deep stacked compared to the blinds and antes, but it did not take long before the playing field started to shrink.

It was not long before David "Devilfish" Ulliott hit the rail and was immediately followed by Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Carlos Mortensen. As the event approached the money bubble, play started to tighten, but not for World Poker Tour Player of the Year candidate Faraz Jaka as evidence by his masterful elimination of Heather Sue Mercer.

Mercer raised to forty thousand from under the gun and Jaka decided to reraised 110,000. Mercier reraised to 300,000 and Jaka moved all in. Mercer called with her pocket aces and Jaka turned over 9(spades) 3(diamonds). Mercer was in a great form to take the overall chip lead but instead the board fell 9(clubs) 8(diamonds) 3(spades) 5(hearts) 10(clubs) to give Jaka a two pair.

Mercer was sent to the rail and Jaka moved up to 3.4 million in total chips. He ended up returning some back at the end of the day, but still finished with the overall chip lead at 3,117,000. The money bubble to just over two hours and astonishingly, short stack Tony Cousineau held on to finish in the money with just 60,000, or 3 large blinds.

The bubble boy was Maroun Jazzar, whose big slick failed to defeat the 7-6 suited of David Benyamine. The remaining eighteen players are all guaranteed a prize money of $47,033 dollars, but they will all have their eyes focus on the 1st place cash prize of more than $1.5 million dollars when they return for day 5 at 12:00 noon.

Notable poker players that are still remaining in the playing field include Shawn Buchanan, Josh Arieh, Phil Hellmuth, Matt Stout, Eric Baldwin, Olivier Busquet, Cliff Josephy, David Williams, Billy Baxter, J.J. Liu and Scotty Nguyen.

The chip counts for the remaining poker players are: 1st: Faraz Jaka-3,117,000, 2nd: David Benyamine-2,350,000, 3rd: David Williams-2,072,000, 4th: Billy Baxter-163,000, 5th: Nikolay Evdakov-1,426,000, 6th: Shawn Buchanan-1,224,000, 7th: Olivier Busquet-1,088,000, 8th: Scotty Nguyen-941,000, 9th: Eric Baldwin-880,000, 10th: J.J. Liu-674,000, 11th: Robert Cooper-662,000, 12th: John O'Shea-495,000, 13th: Cliff Josephy-458,000, 14th: Jason Lester-421,000, 15th: Josh Arieh-303,000, 16th: Matt Stout-274,000 and 17th: Tony Cousineau-60,000.


05/05/2010, Wednesday