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The Royal Holdem Poker Games Debuts in Strip Casinos

On June 22nd, 2008, the Nevada Gambling Commission has given their go signal to the Royal Holdem variation of poker for the casinos in the Las Vegas strip. The new variation of poker, which is classified as the poker game that has the fastest pace, is an example of Texas Holdem that was made and is being advertised by New Poker LLC of Las Vegas.

Vincent Zaldivar, the president of New Poker commented that this is a major decision for their company because their main plan is for the Royal Holdem poker to become their main product to the casino gambling floors. It will then be their front runner for their other innovative poker games. He added that they are thankful that the Nevada Gambling Commission approved the game.

The Royal Holdem poker game uses the same rules that are used in the game of Texas Holdem but plays the game with just the use of twenty cards, ten cards through ace cards. A Royal Holdem poker game can accommodate from two to 6 players and even uses the betting rules of Texas Holdem. Players are up against the other players in the game, not the casino.

The main selling point to casinos is that there will be more wagering on the game and minimum folding, which makes bigger pots and generates a lot of speculation and excitement for gamblers for every card hand. All wagering is made in a clockwise pattern. The small blind wager is placed by the initial player to the left side of the poker player that possess the player button. The large blind wager (double the overall amount of smaller blind) is accomplished by the initial player on the left side of the small blind.

The dealer button will make its round in a clockwise manner after the each hand is completed. There are exactly 4 rounds wagering like in Texas Holdem poker: the pre-flop, flop, the turn and the river. There is one wager a 3 raise maximum per wagering round. After each hand is completed, all of the participants un the game will place their remaining card in the face up position and the dealer will decide on the winner.


06/29/2008, Sunday