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Titan Poker Launches Poker Team

On January 25th, 2009, it has been an arduous road to the top with Titan Poker but the view from the top is worth the wait for 12 very talented TitanPoker.com players from Canada and Europe who persevered through month of poker play to claim the number one position in their country and a ticket to an interesting poker future as part of the Titan Poker Team.

Titan Poker launched its campaign to discover new poker talents on September 2008, offering the top 12 poker players from Canada and countries from the European continent a once-in-a life opportunity at poker tournament sponsorship and poker stardom. Poker players of different skill levels were invited to a series of monthly poker events, which culminated in the Final Country tournaments on December 18th, 2008.

But the end is just the beginning as the Titan Poker Teams forms up with a one-of-a kind flair. Enjoying Texas Holdem Poker and other variations of poker, 12 unique and talented poker players from the countries of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Finland, Canada and the Netherlands have been picked to form the brand new super league of Titan Poker.

Members have been offered a 6 month sponsorship in 2009 to represent their country and Titan Poker at their choice of land-based poker events from all over the world as well as full entitlement to future poker event winnings. Titan Poker is also preparing the launch of 12 page blogs dedicated to keeping an eye on the progress of the members while they participate in different poker events around the world. It will also give the members the opportunity to share their expertise to other poker enthusiasts.


03/01/2009, Sunday