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Titan Poker Publicly Announces the $7 Million Payout for their Sit'n'Go Events

On August 27th, 2008, iPoker Network's Titan Poker announced the pay out of more than $7 million Sit'n'Go tournament cash prizes. Titan Poker made its debut in 2005 and was not long before the web poker room launched its Sit'n'Go jackpot tournaments. Since that time, the popularity of these Sit'n'Go tournament has improved tremendously. The manager of Titan Poker, Robin Steel say that the growth of the Sit'n'Go tournaments of Titan Poker only shows the continuing growth of Titan Poker.

Titan Poker features four Sit'n'Go Progressive Jackpot tournaments-the Fort Knox, the Rio, the Maui and the Dirty Dozens. Fort Knox, which is the most popular game, with the biggest Sit'n'Go Progressive Jackpot, beginning at $50,000. The buy-in cost at a Fort Knox six-seater Sit'n'Go event is $50 + $9.

Any poker player who manages to win six of these poker events in a row will get the jackpot of $50,000, which continues to improve until a winner is revealed. The Rio Sit'n'Go Progressive Jackpot begins at $25,000. Also a six seater Sit'n'Go, the buy-in cost for the Rio S'n'G is $20 + $3.50.

The six wins in a row releases the $25,000 progressive jackpot. The Maui S'n'G jackpot is also a progressive, starting at $15,00. The buy-in cost is only $5 +$1. It can also host up to ten players. Players only need to win five of these Maui S'n'G events in a row to release the jackpot. Last is the Dirty Dozens S'n'G jackpots, with a buy-in costs of $2 +$40 and two six seater tables (twelve players).

The progressive jackpot begins at $2,000, requiring four wins in a row to release the jackpot. With more than $7,000,000 were awarded so far in Titan Poker's progressive jackpot Sit'n'Go events.


09/14/2008, Sunday