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World Poker Store Announces Expansion of the Bar Poker League to the Netherlands

On September 24th, 2008, the World Poker Store Incorporated, a worldwide entertainment organization announced the expansion of the Bar Poker League to the country of Netherlands. The World Poker Store has entered into a collaboration with Play It Simple, the maker of the well-known poker reality television show "Poker Kampioen Van Nederland".

Under the terms of the agreement, an existing Play It Simple poker league in the country will be change into the Bar Poker League, which will be managed by the World Poker Store. The change will be happening on February 2009. The League operated by Play It Simple began offering Texas Holdem events throughout the Netherlands in early 2008 and has grown into over 200 venues and 200,000 duly registered poker players.

League member play for the chance to appear on Play It Simple's reality Television shown and be and be recognized as the poker champion of the Netherlands. Under the agreement, Play It Simple will also make a poker reality television show from the Bar Poker League in Germany. The show will have a similar gaming format where League members will play for the chance to appear on a reality television show and be recognized as the Poker champion of Germany.

The Chief Executive Officer of the World Poker Store Chuck Chastain said that their agreement with Play It Simple is just a springboard for the growth of the Bar Poker League in Europe. Adding to an already established league in the Netherlands and a television show to their Germany League, which begins next month, will help the Bar Poker League be the top poker league in all of Europe.


10/06/2008, Monday