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Poker Players Getting Younger

When you used to go into a casino or poker club, then what you saw was a line of old, tired, yet wise faces. That was when poker playing was yet in its infancy. However, over the past few years, fresh blood has started entering the casinos, and has been playing with the best of them. Today, you can see fresh young faces wherever you go. On television, when you see the tournaments, everywhere you see are young people playing with the wizened bunch. But why is this? Why do young people care so much about this game?

The answer is not a simple one. It can be said that poker is a game that one plays with friend and as such is a sociable game, and that why people are attracted to it. And of course, young minds need the challenge; they need a way to prove themselves. Poker is a game that is based both on skill and on chance, and if you luck fails you, then you can rely on chance. It is a great game in which to learn psychological principle, bluffing, counting and much, much more.

Written by Ingrid Mayhew, Correspondant 18.08.05